Alleghany Moon Variety Store

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Previously a store selling replica Chanel handbags, wallets and totes

What Is A Chanel Replica?


Replica Chanel handbags are illegal products which are produced and sold by criminal organizations for profit.

Replica shops intend to pursuade potential purchaser to buy into a cheaper version of the original by touting low prices and "authentic quality." In reality, It doesn't matter if a replica is graded "AAAAA," "High Quality," "Mirror-Image,""7-Star" or nothing at all. When all is said and done, any grade of a replica Chanel product will not meet the exacting standards and details of authentic CHANEL.

Buying a cheaply priced replica bag just because it is priced less, will undoubtedly lead to a purse which will quickly discolor, crumble, fall apart and be rendered unusable. Most people have found replica Chanel bags to be an overall bad bag experience and will avoid doing it again.

To prevent from being duped or cheated on a bag purchase, it's best to take precautions. If feeling doubtful or unsure, move on. If anything feels sketchy, move on. True CHANEL is found only at the CHANEL boutiques.


Why does it matter

Replica Chanel bags are often without a doubt... [continue reading]


What was here

When Chanel first contacted the owners of the domain was being used to run a store, the Alleghany Moon Variety Store, which was selling replica Chanel products, goods not... [continue reading]