Alleghany Moon Variety Store

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Previously a store selling replica Chanel handbags, wallets and totes


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Replica Chanel Watches

CHANEL watches come to us by way of first class timepiece designers and master craftspersons who create works of extreme beauty and function. Each and every CHANEL watch commands the highest respect and awe.

On the contrary, replica Chanel watches have cropped up out of disingenuous criminal sources, generally, with motives to make profits from selling replica watches solely for the purposes of funding and perpetuating future crimes. Replica products are very often devoid of creativity, originality, quality and function all the while usurping brand's ownership rights to designs, marks and logos without proper permission.

Therefore, it is fitting that a replica Chanel watch should never attain any level of eminence, rank or value. A dollar spent on a replica is likely to be a dollar lost and wasted, never to be recovered.

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Replica Chanel Bags

Replica Chanel bags are commonly offered for sale at a lower price than the original, but tend to be of very low quality. The replica trade generally considers cheap prices as most important, a more important factor than the product's integrity, reputation and quality.

Replica factories are not associated with CHANEL in any way. That is why a replica factory has no accountability for the often extremely low quality of a replica handbag. It is of no consequence to the replica traffickers whether or not the fakes that they produce have any standards for quality.

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Chanel Outlet And Discount Stores

Until a person owns an authentic CHANEL bag, it's impossible to know what they're missing. The legacy and craftsmanship dedicated to the making of each CHANEL handbag or watch gives rise to high elegance and luxury. The superior CHANEL quality cannot be attained with a replica.

CHANEL does not sell watches and handbags at factory outlets, wholesale venues, at home parties, or discount stores. Be wary of products using the CHANEL logos and designs which are being sold at bargain or cheap prices. Discounts and low sale prices can often be simply seen as admonitions that the bag or watch may be fake and therefore illegal.


What was here

When Chanel first contacted the owners of the domain was being used to run a store, the Alleghany Moon Variety Store, which was selling replica Chanel products, goods not... [continue reading]


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Chanel replica handbags and wallets were discovered... [continue reading]