Alleghany Moon Variety Store

for replica chanel

Previously a store selling replica Chanel handbags, wallets and totes

What Was Here

CHANEL Flap Bag Not A Replica 297s

CHANEL routinely scours the web in efforts to protect their brand and intellectual property. A past sweep of the internet resulted in finding illegal products being offered for sale. The seller was an online store called Alleghany Moon Variety Store.

When CHANEL first contacted the former owners of the domain was being used to run an online store, the Alleghany Moon Variety Store, which was determined to sell replica Chanel products, goods not made by Chanel but had replicas of the CHANEL marks placed on them, as with the famous CHANEL CC monogram.

While having previously been active selling replica Chanel handbags on different auction sites, the owners of Alleghany Moon Variety Store then set up shop online as their new outlet from which to start selling replica Chanel handbags, purses and tote bags. The online store claimed that their bags being sold were “made with the same material as the authentic Chanel handbags.” After a sample handbag was examined, as with all Chanel knockoffs, the sample bag was found to be easily distinguished from a real Chanel handbag due to the use of lower quality materials and workmanship tolerated in its making.

The inability to match authentic quality did not stop the Alleghany Moon Variety Store from taking advantage of the well earned reputation of CHANEL as the mark of high quality luxury goods. The online outlet illicitly offered for sale a number of fake products such as a Chanel Replica White Tote for $179.99 and a Chanel Pink Replica Handbag (11×4 x 6.3”) for $139.99 via PayPal, money orders or personal checks.


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