Alleghany Moon Variety Store

for replica chanel

Previously a store selling replica Chanel handbags, wallets and totes

Why Does It Matter

Why it really does matter:

  • Replica Chanel bags are often without a doubt poor quality products. Just when you might think you are getting a great price, the item you are actually ordering is far from authentic Chanel. When a replica quickly fails you, by ripping, fraying, or breaking, you will be left not being able to find anyone who will stand by the product. Chanel does not support nor even condone replica Chanel.
  • Replica Chanel sellers often skip on taxes and tariffs by any means they can think of, Besides the fact that tax evasion is illegal, avoiding tax liability could lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in missing federal, city, state and local revenues that could have been utilized to support the health, safety and properity of our communities.
  • It follows that since we know that producing and offering replica Chanel products is illegal, why is it not surprising that replica factories and online replica shops often engage in other criminal operations, such as postal fraud, identity theft, tax evasion, cybercrime and not delivering goods that have been paid for. Some replica dealers may be part of gangs, organized crime syndicates or terrorist groups, with profits often going to support their activities.

These are very important reasons everyone should care about. For some people, the facts about the detriments of replica sales online may be surprising or difficult to believe, while others truly understand that our safety and well-being can be drastically affected by the activities associated with online replica shops.


What was here

When Chanel first contacted the owners of the domain was being used to run a store, the Alleghany Moon Variety Store, which was selling replica Chanel products, goods not... [continue reading]


What happened

Chanel replica handbags and wallets were discovered... [continue reading]